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Frequently Asked Questions

See below some of our frequently asked questions and answers

Hou much notice is required

24hrs notice is required for bookings. For urgent bookings contact us at 07 3376 8746

What bin size suits my need?

Check our bin sizes page for more information of how much you can fit in our bins

What is a cbm?

A cubic meter is 1m x 1m x 1xm 

What size bins do you offer?

Currently 12cbm; 22cbm and 28cbm. We will offer smaller bins in the future

How do I pay for my bin?

At checkout you will be asked for your credit card details for payment which is secured by Stripe 256bit technology

How long is the hire period?

7 days free hire, thereafter, $100 per week as agreed in writing

What level can i fill the bin?

We request you do not fill the bin in higher than the top of the bin. Additional charges and refusal to remove bin will apply

Bin Placement & Footpath?

Bins are required to be placed within your property, alternatively you can apply to your local council for a permit.

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